Coordinated Planning Services

How confident are you in your existing Retirement and Estate Plan?

Would you like to find out if there is any room for improvement? Call Ivy Pierson and solidify your plans for today and tomorrow.

Retirement Income Planning – We will

  • Assist in the implementation of 401k and IRA rollovers
    • Leave the money in his/her former employer’s plan, if permitted;
    • Roll over the assets to his/her new employer’s plan, if one is available and rollovers are permitted;
    • Roll over to an IRA;
    • or Cash out the account value
  • Analyze portfolios and provide recommendations for proper allocations
  • Help your heirs / kids establish Inherited IRAs
  • Help develop a plan that will allow you the retirement of your dreams

Estate Planning – We will

  • Help reduce probate expenses, delays and publicity*
  • Help reduce or eliminate estate taxes*
  • Coordinate proper management of family assets
  • Review proper manner of holding title to property*
  • Prepare post-death planning and tax strategy

Investment Analysis Planning – We will

  • Match investment strategies with goals and needs
  • Evaluate specific investments
  • Consider and explain tax consequences of various investment strategies and techniques
  • Analyze and explain risk/return trade-off

Tax Planning – We will

  • Help you to maximize use of tax deduction strategies
  • Recommend plans which help defer taxes
  • Help reduce taxes by recommending appropriate tax advantaged investments
  • Review the implications of Social Security benefits on your tax liability
  • Help you utilize our customized “Tax Free Retirement 3 Tax Bucket Strategy”:


Risk Management – We will

  • Help you devise a plan to maintain family income if you have a long-term care event, disability or death
  • Help you identify current and future risk exposure
  • Evaluate current insurance coverage cost-effectiveness
  • Help you plan for long-term nursing care
  • Evaluate your exposure to liability litigation claim, and need (or not) for umbrella liability coverage*
*Additional services to consider when speaking to your attorney, tax advisor, realtor, or other specialized advisor. We do not offer these services, but can assist with providing a referral.
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